Gas & Steam Turbines Insulation Blankets


Manufacturing & installation of thermal insulation blanket for Gas & Steam turbines.

The insulation blankets are manufactured to cover all thermal insulation needs for surfaces that have a continuous or noncontinuous high temperature.

Insulation Blanket Advantages:

Increasing equipment efficiency.

Asbestos free.

Easy to install and dismantle for inspection and annual maintenance purpose.

Reduce surface temperature for workers safety.

Increase equipment life.

Water, oil and chemicals resistance.

Reduce noise level.

Insulation Blanket Application:

Gas and steam turbines.


Combustion chamber.

Diesel generators.

Heat exchangers Pipes and fittings.

Control valves.

Expansion joints.

Insulation blanket consist of four main materials::

Insulation materials

Lower cover of insulation materials which is touch with hot surface.

Upper cover of insulation material.

Stitching material.